Keith is a local author from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

St. Nick’s Journey

About the Book

Imagine if the glue that keeps everything dear to you comes loose, threatening your destruction. Wouldn’t you desperately try all you could to put your life back together? When this happens to the young Obsessive-Compulsive Tom Jolmen, he clings to his last hope. Tormented by a shadowy presence…

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What People have been Saying!

“In St. Nick’s Journey, Keith Mayhew-Hammond takes us on a strange and magical journey through a land as close as down the street, and as far as imagination can conceive

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—Charles A. Coulombe, author of Vicars of Christ and Puritan’s Empire

Questions about the Novel

What’s the Book about in only Seven Words? Challenge Accepted!

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St. Nick’s Journey

About the Book Tom desperately tries to battle his doubts and fears about death, abandonment, and loneliness while struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, acute anxiety, and crippling depression. He writes prose and poetry in his journal as an attempt to cope. And he tries, unsuccessfully, to keep this internal conflict from becoming known to his…

A work of Eucharistic Prose

The roaring of fire swells with the sound of Christ’s Sacred Heart, beating as a drum for me. My soul cannot help but dance to the percussion, and to the melody of Heavenly choirs singing in adoration of Him.

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