St. Nick’s Journey

What People have been Saying!

“In St. Nick’s Journey, Keith Mayhew-Hammond takes us on a strange and magical journey through a land as close as down the street, and as far as imagination can conceive. Reminiscent of Shirley Jackson’s ability to make an unusual point of view seem normal to the reader, Hammond gives us a taste of the horror and wonder that his Aspergered and OCD’d hero perceives in a way that makes the reader wonder if he himself is losing something not having those conditions. But he does so in such a way as to make it all seem very natural. Moreover, while both the protagonist’s handicaps and youth might, in less deft hands, be used to explain away the enchantment and numinosity of the journey the four friends undertake, Hammond uses them to create a breathtaking Christmas masterpiece.”

—Charles A. Coulombe, author of Vicars of Christ and Puritan’s Empire

“An impetuous quest for much-loved Saint Nicholas by four boys struggling with the mystery of faith and neurological and social issues, St. Nick’s Journey is related with verve and insight. On their journey the boys experience the reality of Catholic belief in angels, the communion of saints, and the Holy Eucharist. A compelling first novel from an imaginative and talented young writer.”

—Arthur Bousfield, author of Home to Canada: Royal Tours 1786–2010

“To the best of my discernment, this novel conveys only the most traditional and exact teaching of the magisterium of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic church.”

—Alexander Roman, Oblate of Saint Benedict of Saint Meinrad’s Archabbey

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